Quarterly Challenges For 2019

After much deliberation, we’ve finally decided on the following challenges for 2019.

First Quarter: Session Beer

Brew a session beer with a max ABV of 4%

Second Quarter: Clone Beer

Try to brew your best imitation of a commercial beer

Third Quarter: Alphabet Challenge

Fourth Quarter: Brewing With Wood

November Beerfest

The 10th Annual Ozarks Beerfest will be held on Saturday, November 17 at the Springfield Expo Center. The VIP hour will begin at noon with exclusive tastings and early access to brewery and food tables. General admission begins at 1PM. THIS EVENT IS 21+ ONLY. Stay tuned for ticket information and our live website link!

Click here to view the event page

Or find more info at http://www.ozarksbeerfest.com/


Fourth Quarter Challenge – Spontaneous Ferment

Our 4th Quarter Challenge – Spontaneous Fermentation. Here is a synopsis of our discussions regarding the parameters of the challenge.

Fourth quarter challenge, Open or spontaneous fermentation.
I guess my thoughts are a wild fermentation not collected from a cultured sample. I realize that may not necessarily be that spontaneous. Snagging a bee and dunking him in wort may not be a spontaneous infection but I would consider it a spontaneous action. In discussions last night I think we considered any fermentation that wasn’t pulled from a bottle. If it comes from the air, a flower, an insect, you’re pet ( you get the picture) it’s legal. You can’t use dregs from a bottle of “wild fermented” beer.
— Steve McDonald